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Re: CVS ID rename

From: Scott Gifford
Subject: Re: CVS ID rename
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 23:48:48 -0500
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"" <address@hidden> writes:

> In our CVS system, we are using different UNIX system IDs for
> users. Now, we have to rename all the IDs to another one (different
> from person to person). Is there any method that can rename the
> current IDs, instead of removing the old one and create a new one.

This is more of a Unix question than a CVS question; you may get a
more detailed answer in a forum for whatever type of Unix you are
using.  But...

> I have tried to rename the record in /etc/passwd, for example from ID "abc" to
> "def", but it doesn't work. When tried to login in server with "def" using old
> password of "abc", error message of "access denied", and I am not able to 
> reset
> password for "def" using account "root", error message is
> "Changing password for user def.
> passwd: Authentication token manipulation error".

...see if also changing the username in /etc/shadow fixes the problem.


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