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commit restrict to one file in CVS

From: om
Subject: commit restrict to one file in CVS
Date: 11 Jan 2007 22:56:23 -0800
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I am trying to restrict certain users from committing certain files. My
commitinfo file has this line:

^Test/src   /cvs/Test/CVSROOT/ "new text

The script reads the command line argument, splits the
name of file and users and compares with the input file and current
user and decides to allow or deny access. The problem I am facing is
suppose the file name has a space as shown in the above statement; then
the reads it as two different arguments instead of one. I
have tried single quotes, backslash to escape the space, $* etc.
Nothing works. If I directly call the file and then pass
the same arguments it gives me the expected result but it doesn't
work when I am using it through the commitinfo file.

I have modified the '' script as below to echo the
input values.


for i in "address@hidden"


   echo [$i]


The output is as below:




The expected output is:

"new text document.txt:<user1>:<user2>"


Your help would be highly appreciated.


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