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workspace performance in CVS

From: Bala
Subject: workspace performance in CVS
Date: 17 Jan 2007 05:02:47 -0800
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We have a tool which is written over CVS and exposes all
functionalities that CVS to a set of developers in our organisation. We
have noticed that it takes a long time for cvs update to create files
in the user's workspace when they start their work.  Right now, the
basic options available from the tool allows developers to create a
workspace from files in main branch directly to their home directories.
The CVSROOT is roughly 1G and it takes close to 2 mins for the
workspace to be created.

We have been thinking about various alternatives to optimize the
workspace creation such that developers dont need to wait for a
indefinite time to get started with their work. Has anyone faced such
problem and is there a better way to solve the performance ? Please let
me know.


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