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Adding directory and files when parent directory has stick tag.

From: Jeff Pream
Subject: Adding directory and files when parent directory has stick tag.
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 16:19:49 -0800

Hello all,


Somebody just called on me to clean up a situation involving a branch from a trunk that didn’t exist.  The scenario was that he had checked out a tagged version of a project, he then proceeded to add/commit a new directory and several files.  It looks like CVS created a branch but put it in the Attic, presumably because there was no main trunk to branch from.


To clean this up I went to the repo and blew away the new directory and its files.  Then I manually removed the Entries line pertaining to the new directory.   CVS still didn’t do what I wanted, but after some messing around with updates and manual hacks (yes things had gotten out of control at this point), I managed to get it where I wanted it.


My question:  What is the PROPER way to clean up the above mess, resulting in the new directory and files being on the trunk instead of this mystery branch in the Attic and version 1.1 being in the users sandbox next to the rest of the project which still retains the original tag?


Thank you in advance.





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