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Re: How to mark all files in a directory deprecated?

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: How to mark all files in a directory deprecated?
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 02:05:50 GMT

"Fred" <address@hidden> wrote in message 
>I have numerous source files in a directory that are no longer
> current.  The branch wasn't moved or anything, just the files
> copied to a new tree.  I don't want to delete the old files
> yet, as I've just assumed responsibility for this application.
> But anyway, I now have about 20 files in a path, lets say
> my/src/files. Can I enter comments about ALL of these files
> indicating they are no longer the working files?

If they're in the repository, there's no reason not to delete them -- you 
can always get them back.  You could even give them a symbolic tag to make 
retrieving them even easier:

cvs tag Deprecated_01_20_07 my/src/files/*


cvs -f rm my/src/files/*

If you ever need to get them back, you can do an update using the tag:

cvs up -rDeprecated_01_20_07 my/src/files

The above is untested, so you should decide if it sounds like what you want 
and then check the syntax before doing it.

- Dennis 

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