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RE: CVS and NAS Drives

From: Ben Weatherall
Subject: RE: CVS and NAS Drives
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:32:43 -0600

Synchronous means that a complete round-trip operation occurs before the
next operation starts. When you buy your NAS device, you should pay
attention to whether that is the default and if it is not if you can
configure it. If you cannot, don't go there. 

An alternative is to set up a rsync service on your XP system and have
it maintain a complete backup of the repository on the NAS. For more on
rsync, Google "rsync service windows" and read some of the links. looks especially interesting.


-----Original Message-----
Yea Ben...
U r right... server would be a Windox XP Pro platform...
For performance it is not a problem, I would be only user, and however,
the wireless is a 100Mb network...
What is not clear to me is the synchronous/asyncrhonous stuff...
can u clarify it to me plz...



Ben Weatherall wrote:
>>From your comments I assume your server is on Windows. I would make 
> I mounted the NAS mount point as a drive, not a UNC path, but then I 
> am a user of GNU cvs not cvsnt. Make sure the connection is 
> synchronous, not asynch. I would also expect performance to suffer 
> unless your wireless is fast or your drives are slow.
> Ben

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