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Which CVS version is best for Windows?

From: Grumbler(ng)
Subject: Which CVS version is best for Windows?
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 08:12:01 +0100
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I'm using cvs (cvs.exe) in version 1.12.7 since years. I'd like to update to the latest version. But detected some problems:

A. Version 1.12.13a could not "checkout" from the existing
repostitory, e.g. cvs -d :local:u:/avrdepot checkout robi
(the path could not be found, but cvs update in the same
repository works fine)

B. Version 1.11.22 lists many file, that requires a commit,
because CVS detected changes. But this is not true. Furthermore
after the commit (and successfully new revision created) the
$CVSHeader$ is set to the first revision (1.1) instead of 1.4
as it is now.

I checked the NEWS files and "Cederqvist" files for both versions
and did not find anything usefull for this topic.

It seems 1.11.22 is newer than 1.12.13a (exe and NEWS-file).

Thanks in advance.

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