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Re: Merging from branch back into the trunk

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Merging from branch back into the trunk
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 22:53:15 +0000 (UTC)
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Todd Breiholz <address@hidden> wrote:
> Several months ago, we created a branch for new development. We have
> merged from the trunk to the branch several times since then. Next
> week it will be time to merge the branch back into the trunk.

It's generally a bad idea to merge from trunk to branch, because
it is hard to keep track of what you're doing.  Did you leave
a tag on the trunk to mark the last-merged place ?  If so you
may be ok.

> Is there anything special that I need to do to account for the interim
> merges that were done, or can i merely do "cvs up -j BRANCH_NAME"?

It should be something like

    cvs update -j LAST_MERGE_POINT -j BRANCH_NAME

where LAST_MERGE_POINT is the tag I hope you planted on the trunk
after your last merge to the branch.  If you don't have such a tag,
do what you were going to do, but be prepared to fix many bogus
conflicts with the same text on both sides.  CVS has gotten better
at handling identical changes, but if some leak through you
just have to fix them.  More tedious than difficult.

After you commit the merged sandbox, it would be a really, really
good idea to stop using the branch.

Good luck.

pa at panix dot com

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