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Unix Repository with multiple groups

From: Huber, Robert
Subject: Unix Repository with multiple groups
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 13:34:15 -0500

I’ve been attempting to create a single repository on an AIX box with multiple projects whose projects tie together in the big pictiure but belong to different owners and goups. Clearly the repository itself must belong to only one owner and one group. When I add the project directories and code that belong to the owner/group of the repository all goes well, however, when I try to add a project with a different owner/group to that repository there are issues. First the project is successfully initialized. Then the script to add the directories and files is executed and while the directories are created in the repository the files will not get added to the repository. I should mention that the owner of the second project to be added is a member of the group to which the owner of the repository belongs and group members have full permissions, i.e., “770” (userid not associated  with the group must be excluded).



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