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Re: Removing old revisions

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Removing old revisions
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007 15:18:45 -0800

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Larry Jones <address@hidden> writes:

> Mark D. Baushke writes:
> > 
> > It could also be a problem if you have lots of branches as deleteing the
> > branch point revision makes it impossible to use that branch ever again.
> CVS won't let you remove a branch point revision.

Hmmm... while that may be true, it does not render my point invalid.

The following illustrates my point:

 cvs -d /tmp/cvs-test init
 cvs -d /tmp/cvs-test co -d top .
 cd top
 mkdir jj
 cvs add jj
 cd jj
 echo a > foo
 cvs add foo
 cvs ci -m1 foo
 echo b > foo
 cvs ci -m2 foo
 cvs tag -b bar
 echo c > foo
 cvs ci -m3 foo
 cvs log foo
 cvs admin -o1.2 foo
 cvs -q log foo

Yeilds the following error message:

 cvs [update aborted]: could not find desired version 1.2 in 

In my opinion, this renders branch bar impossible to use again.

The difficulty is knowning if one of the branches (or tags) being
deleted will ever be needed again. If you only have one or two branches,
then it should be easy to spot the use. If you have many, it may be
possible to overlook the use. Or, if you assumed that CVS would not let
you remove a revision being used by any kind of tag, that would also be
a possible problem.

In the user's case, I understood that many files may be visited to
delete 'old' revisions, so due care in dealing with branches would need
to be taken.

        -- Mark
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