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Merging trunk from branch ?

From: FP
Subject: Merging trunk from branch ?
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 11:13:13 +0100
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I have this convention: TRUNK must be always ok, compilable and running, only small modifications can be done on it.

Then branches are created when I need to investigate big changes, as I did twice in the last month. I use Henrik Nordstrom batch files from "squid" project but on windows, to merge from trunk to branches

So yesterday I had two branches B-A and B-B.

In B-A I had just a couple of chenged files.
I merged from TRUNK to B-A and then I COPIED the two files from the branch to the trunk sandbox... commit ... et voilĂ ....

In B-B I have several different files changed, in several directories, and I'd like to use the merge feature.... I merged from TRUNK to B-B (after the merge with B-A, so it's really updated) but can't understand how....

I may use the same scripts from Henrik, just changing tag names and issuing them in the trunk sandbox..... correct ?

So I have a Tag_branch_last_merge now pointing to the branch-tag and I created a new Tag_branch_top pointing to the branch head.

From the trunk sandbox I should issue a
cvs update -kk -P -j Tag_branch_last_merge -j Tag_branch_top
and "magically" changes should be merged in the trunk sandbox.... committing saves them
then I should move the tags.....

Correct ?


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