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Re: change the trunk of CVS

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: change the trunk of CVS
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 21:13:37 GMT

"Juanjo M" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden...
Hello to all.
I would want to ask a question.
I am developer in a project. In the trunk of CVS, I have a tag denominated rel-1-5-0-1. Later, the trunk has continued evolving. However, I would like to revert the trunk to that tag, and the changes from that tag until the present time, to transform them into a branch that leaves of the trunk, from that tag rel-1-5-0-1.
Can I make this?
Greetings, and thank you ahead of time.
If I understand you correctly, you tagged your trunk with "rel-1-5-0-1" and then continued development on trunk.  Now you want to make changes to the code as it existed at the time you created the tag, so you need to branch from that point.  Since you were smart and created a tag, this is very simple to do (if you had not created a tag, it can still be done, but you would have to create your branch/tag from a date/time stamp).
Assuming you want to use the name "REL_1_5_0_1" for the branch and your module name is "MY_PRODUCT", you would do this (I've added extra spaces for clarity):
cvs  rtag  -b  -r  rel-1-5-0-1   REL_1_5_0_1   MY_PRODUCT
Basically, that says,
"Create a branch of the 'MY_PRODUCT' module, starting at tag 'rel-1-5-0-1', and give it the name 'REL_1_5_0_1.'"
The command (cvs rtag) works on the repository directly (not your local sandbox), so it doesn't matter what the state of your sandbox is, or what folder you are in when you invoke it.  Once complete, you just have to checkout the branch.
Hope this helps,
- Dennis

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