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Re: cvs pserver auth

From: David Tyler
Subject: Re: cvs pserver auth
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 07:10:45 -0600

I am currently using pserver on our system and yes, when the account password 
is disabled, the user can still perform CVS commands.  This is a feature in my 
opinion as I do not wish users to have direct access to the CVS server, so one 
of the first things I do is disable the password after creating the account.  
To lock a user out of CVS, I remove the users entry from the <CVSROOT>/passwd 
file.  The other alternative is to remove the user from the system all together.

- Dave

>>> "Carl Chen" <address@hidden> 3/14/2007 06:24 AM >>>


I use OS user id as cvs user id. And we use pserver auth method. I find that
when the password of the OS id expired, cvs user still can login to cvs.
Even the password is inactive, user still can use cvs. 

Is this a bug for cvs? Or is it a feature for pserver?



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