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Re: Simple GUI for command line cvs.exe?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Simple GUI for command line cvs.exe?
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 11:30:38 -0700

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David Szlucha <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm using cvs.exe (1.11.22) on Windows and I'm in need of a simple GUI
> that will work with this version, and not a "server" based version.
> I've looked at WinCVS, but it requires that the CVSNT server be
> running on my PC, and that is not an option for me. Thanks!

So, you are not using a client/server implementation of CVS?

If you do have a client/server implementation of CVS, then the last time
I looked, WinCVS provided a CVSNT client to be used to connect to either
a CVS or CVSNT server. Of course, cvs.exe 1.11.22 may not be configured
as a server under windows unless you have built your own copy with

Fwiw: CVSNT clients work just fine with CVS servers. (The converse is
also true, we do try to keep CVS and CVSNT interoperable to the extent
possible). You would need to use one of these methods:

  :ext:      (:ext: using a RSH transport)
  :extssh:   (:ext: using an SSH transport)
  :kserver:  (kerberos)
  :gserver:  (GssApi)

as the methods to connect to your CVS server, but that seems likely in
any case.

There are a number of GUIs that run on windows which interoperate with
CVS servers. See for
a reasonable list.

The two most popular GUIs for windows appear to be
and as they are usually no cost. There is also SmartCVS
if you wish to purchase something.

If you are already using an IDE like CodeWarrior,, or
NetBeans, then there are add-ons for those as well.

I believe that all of the GUI solutions assume that the CVS repository
lives on a machine other than the current client or at least is
operating as a client/server implementation.

        -- Mark
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