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some questions on using cvs to manage a project.

From: jian
Subject: some questions on using cvs to manage a project.
Date: 28 Mar 2007 05:53:10 -0700
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Hi, I'm try to using cvs to manage my project, but i still got some
question hanging around for it.
What I want to do is trying to use cvs recording my work for 2
purposes. First one is incremental backup, and the second one is to
keep record of my progress. However, I got some questions on my 2nd

There are some points should be recorded in my project, e.g., bugs
fixed, new features. My question is, how can I make it can be seen on
my cvs history. For example, a bug 124 was fixed, and update to the
cvs tree. This bug fixing maybe invoked several commits, a lots of
files changed. How can I see this on my history, especially with the
update message is the history, because cvs history only can show me
commited action, without messages. If I use cvs log, it will listing
all the changes of files.

Do you know there is anyway that I can setup some important points,
with messages.  like showing me the message of this commit, "cvs
commit -m "fixed bug 1234" myproject ".

Thank you.

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