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RE some questions on using cvs to manage a project.

From: Tewfik LOKMANE
Subject: RE some questions on using cvs to manage a project.
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 16:47:27 +0200

Hi Jian,

The solution to your expectation is the cvs tags.
A cvs tag is a label wich is used to identify state of the whole project, or some of its components, with its files in their different revisions.
You can think about the tag as "a curve drawn through a matrix of filename vs. revision number."
See the cvs documentation :

"jian" <address@hidden>
Envoyé par : address@hidden

28/03/2007 14:53

some questions on using cvs to manage a project.

Hi, I'm try to using cvs to manage my project, but i still got some
question hanging around for it.
What I want to do is trying to use cvs recording my work for 2
purposes. First one is incremental backup, and the second one is to
keep record of my progress. However, I got some questions on my 2nd

There are some points should be recorded in my project, e.g., bugs
fixed, new features. My question is, how can I make it can be seen on
my cvs history. For example, a bug 124 was fixed, and update to the
cvs tree. This bug fixing maybe invoked several commits, a lots of
files changed. How can I see this on my history, especially with the
update message is the history, because cvs history only can show me
commited action, without messages. If I use cvs log, it will listing
all the changes of files.

Do you know there is anyway that I can setup some important points,
with messages.  like showing me the message of this commit, "cvs
commit -m "fixed bug 1234" myproject ".

Thank you.

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