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posttag command does not work like the rest.

From: Jeff Pream
Subject: posttag command does not work like the rest.
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:49:48 -0700



I’m trying to execute a script in posttag just as it is in loginfo, but they do not treat the command the same.


If I use this command line (below) in loginfo, it works as expected.

^chips/TestChip\(/\|$\) (/path/ %c %R %p %r %{sVv}) >> /path/arch_spec_page_update.txt 2>&1


But if I use it in posttag, I get the following error.

cvs tag: cannot exec (/path/ No such file or directory


It acts as if it the ‘(‘ is part of the command name/path.   If I eliminate both of the parenthesis in the command in posttag, it calls the /path/ script and passes everything after it as an argument including the redirect and file name.


What is the trick to getting posttag to handle the command just as loginfo does?




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