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Re: List of directories under a "top-level" module

From: chaitu
Subject: Re: List of directories under a "top-level" module
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 18:57:25 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Todd,Mark, everyone,

I've another tricky situation to beat. Got this huge 3rd party code
repository (+2G of code) that I need on each of my 40 build machines
(for different platforms of course). This repository is compiled
everytime there's a code change and the resulting libraries are used
for compiling my product's code.

The problem is that I need to fire cvs update on each of the machines
early in the morning before I start building my product. And just the
damn update takes over 40 minutes. And since all machines start this
update process at around the same time, there's some bandwidth crunch
being recorded.

I was thinking of this solution around the problem and would
appreciate if you can chip in with your criticism.

Update on only 1 machine, and from the update log, get all the U and P
entries and create a tarball which I can send over LAN to the other 39
machines and unzip them.

This would serve my purpose but when later I try updating the working
copies on the 39 machines, I will get C entries for the updated files

Any way around this problem? Is my idea alrite? Did anyone of you
solve this kind of a problem earlier? Please share your thoughts!


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