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RE: how can I not have to spend 40 minutes _waiting_ in the morning for

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: how can I not have to spend 40 minutes _waiting_ in the morning for each of 40 updates?
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 00:42:30 +1000

Chaitanya and Todd,

> Do you have 40 different architectures or different versions 
> of the OS for 
> which you are building?
> if it is more of a thing where you are building 5 different 
> released versions 
> of your code for windows XP i386 on 5 different machines but 
> against one 
> version of the library, this is one place where I would build 
> the lib on one 
> XP machine and SMB share the _resulting_LIB_ to the other 4. 
> with the caveat 
> that I don't expect the versions of any other libs on those 
> machines to affect 
> the build of the lib you are building.

This is an area where ClearCase build really shows its strength.
ClearCase experts refer to it as 'wink  in'.  Basically if the result of
a build on one machine can be used in another build on the same or a
different machine (because it is the same object file format or it is a
common library or the object is identical because the source code change
was only to comments) then a build on another machine can 'wink in' the
the object/library from the previous build.  You can implement the same
behaviour with CVS using "gnu make" and committing the objects - but it
is a little messy and not as elegant or as comprehensive as the
ClearCase distributed build system (but considering the price
differential is quite likely easier to justify the effort based on
cost/benefit analysis).

If we at March Hare Software can ever generate enough sales to cover our
(already considerable) costs for developing EVSCM/CVSNT 3.x then this
sort of build system would be our next project...


Arthur Barrett

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