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Re: CVS questions

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: CVS questions
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 15:36:48 +0300
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"Bulgrien, Kevin" <address@hidden> writes:


>> >    I won't go into merging.  You could either use built in merge
>> >    facilities of CVS, or you could even just use the differences
>> >    and manually merge things.
>> This is what I was somewhat referring to - merging related issues.
>> IMO, a very confusing aspect of CVS.
> I'd venture to say its not CVS, but revision control in general.  You
> would face exactly the same issues in whatever revision control tool
> you decided to use.

No, almost any recent tool handles branching and merging better than
CVS. Even CVSNT and SVN are better, and in distributed VCS'es such as
bzr, git, or mercurial, branching and merging are natural and simple.

-- Sergei.

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