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Deploying only a specific revision of a given file

From: Gaurav Chhabra
Subject: Deploying only a specific revision of a given file
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 05:30:42 -0800 (PST)


We are using CVSNT 2.5.03 server for version control. All developers have
access to CVS repository only through NetBeans IDE. 

I have tagged the code (Tag Name: project_sit1) for the first time after SIT
was completed. The development work has to keep going but I don’t want to
disturb the existing code that has been tagged.

Query 1: 
Is branching the only solution for my problem or will the existing tag
(project_sit1) help me in preventing any code mess-up?


We have been using CM Synergy for other projects. If we baseline a release
and create two release branches (release_1 & release_2) from that baseline,
then in that case we have separate copies of all the files (that were
present in baselined release) in these two releases. Now, if a file is modified in release_1 and has to be deployed then that’s not a

Now if we consider CVS, I think a branching doesn’t lead to the creation of
a new file as is the case with CM Synergy. In CVS, all the information about
the branch is present in the existing file itself. 

Query 2: 
Now if we have a file (version 1.1 & for branch) in CVS
which also has a branch associated with it, then how do we deploy the
contents of only the branched part i.e., 

I am confused because the contents of the branch revision ( as well
as the main revision (1.1) are all in one file. How can we get only the
desired code for deployment? 

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