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List of files modified between two tags

From: Gaurav Chhabra
Subject: List of files modified between two tags
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 03:49:05 -0800 (PST)


We are using CVS for version control.
I have a case where the whole code has been tagged two times, once on
completion of SIT1 and another on completion of SIT2. The tag names are
‘project_SIT1_ddmmyyyy’ & ‘project_SIT2_ddmmyyyy’ respectively.

Current Scenario:
SIT1 (Files tagged: file_a, file_b)                             SIT2 (Files
tagged: file_a, file_b, file_c)

‘project_SIT1_ddmmyyyy’       ‘project_SIT1_ddmmyyyy’
            file_a (rev. 1.3)                             file_a (rev. 1.3) 
(has both tags but no
changes were made)
            file_b (rev. 1.4)                             file_b (rev. 1.9)
file_c (rev. 1.1) (created after
the first tag)  

Query: Is there any command (using tags only) through which I can get a
summary of all the files that have been changed/created between the above
two tags? My output should list all the three files along 
with the earlier (at the time of first tag) and latest version number.

I saw the ‘rdiff’ command for showing differences between releases. Is there
any similar command for viewing differences between tags?

BTW, we are using Windows OS.


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