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Re: List of files modified between two tags

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: List of files modified between two tags
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 10:18:18 -0500

Gaurav Chhabra writes:
> Query: Is there any command (using tags only) through which I can get a
> summary of all the files that have been changed/created between the above
> two tags? My output should list all the three files along 
> with the earlier (at the time of first tag) and latest version number.
> I saw the rdiff command for showing differences between releases. Is there
> any similar command for viewing differences between tags?

Tags are how you identify releases!  The command:

        cvs rdiff -rproject_SIT1_ddmmyyyy -rproject_SIT2_ddmmyyyy -s modname

will give you almost what you asked for but it won't list file_a since
it hasn't changed.  If you really need unchanged files, too, you'll
have to resort to using the log or rlog commands which will give you a
lot of other stuff, too:

        cvs rlog -rproject_SIT1_ddmmyyyy::project_SIT2_ddmmyyyy modname

There are additional [r]log options that may be useful to filter out
some of the stuff you're not interested in.
Larry Jones

It works on the same principle as electroshock therapy. -- Calvin

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