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Re: List of files modified between two tags

From: chaitu
Subject: Re: List of files modified between two tags
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 11:29:08 -0800 (PST)
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Arthur wrote:

> I've written many an article here about how to go about selecting a SCM
> tool.
> An organisation installs SCM to achieve a buesiness deliverable.  The
> suitability of any tool should be measured against those deliverables.
> Anyone who tells you 'use tool xyz' or 'tool xyz is better than tool
> abc' is just a zealot and not interested in helping you or your
> organisation.  The right tool for the job can only be determined until
> the business drivers are determined.  

Hello Arthur...hope you're doing well. The portion of your answer that
I retained above is probably the most common doubt any newcomer to SCM
will have. Could you please point me to the articles that you'd
written previously on how to select an SCM tool?

My question in detail:

How do you really classify a business deliverable? Is it along the
lines of whether you deploy compiled code or scripted code? Or along
the lines of programming languages used for the source? Or packaging
procedures? Suppose we deliver a big, heavy JPEG or something of a
flowchart idea as our product.....or an RPM on Linux.....or a
digitised movie.....or a PDF document...or GPS data in a CSV does a deliverable like these influence your choice of an
SCM tool? I've just used random examples but I hope you understood my
perplexity here!


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