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RE: Unable to commit 150MB text design file (out of memory)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Unable to commit 150MB text design file (out of memory)
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 07:42:03 +1100


> Turns out it is the client as moving the file to the server and doing
> the operation from there works, but initial attempts with the latest
> msys-1.0.dll and cvs.exe (cvs-1.11.22) on the client system do not
> seem to correct the issue.  Completely updating MSYS also does not
> cure the issue either, so it looks like fixing it may require Windows
> work... adding RAM, or whatever... just bumping up the page file
> size did not help.
> report after the out of memory condition occurs).  Tying back in to
> Arthur's comment, it is interesting to note that mscvrt.dll is
> mentioned in this report.

If mscvrt is mentioned in the error report then I think we are back to
my original guess - no amount of fixing will fix it unless you start

Certainly our commercial support team for CVSNT have patches that on the
client side read the whole file with a single memory allocation, but I
don't think you will find any 'standard' builds that do this.


Arthur Barrett

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