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RE: memory exhausted

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: memory exhausted
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 08:01:01 +1100


> My server configuration is:
> CVS 1.12.13 on Solaris 11.
> My client configuration is:
> CVS 1.12.13 on Debian 4.0

Just like with Kevin I think the first thing to do is be 100% sure that
it is the client or the server failing.  Try coping the file to the
server and doing a commit with :local: if that fails it'll be easier to
debug too.

> No per-process memory limits appear to be set. However, the 
> cvs process is 
> unable to memory-map the file:

All the memory map stuff is new in 1.12 I think - you could try going
back to 1.11...

If it is the server that is the problem then there are probably quite a
lot of solaris parameters that could affect it - particularly if the
memory maps in 1.12 are using shared memory.  I'm no Solaris expert and
AFAICT Solaris 11 is not even a released product.



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