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Re: commit question

From: Hector Santos
Subject: Re: commit question
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 20:35:34 -0500
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Larry Jones wrote:
Hector Santos writes:
You lost me. CVS is alive and well, yet anyone post here, the INFO-CVS mailing list, which requires effort to subscribe and for which the welcome message informs you what the list is for, a message containing the drive letter marker, it is presumed they are Window morons and don't know what they are using, and could in fact be using CVSNT and thus posting in the wrong list?

One overly zealous subscriber makes that presumption, the rest of us are
more charitable and will at least try to answer questions that don't
seem to be CVSNT specific.  But experience shows that the vast majority
of Windows users who post here *are* at least ignorant, if not actually
morons, and either don't know what they're using or don't know that
CVSNT and CVS are completely different products, so the presumption
isn't entirely unwarranted.


Based on my readings, there is strong evidence the issues related to CVS is cross the board (whether thats is believed to be true or not).

Sure, I will venture Windows people, who generally are not *nix wienies, will have more trouble simply because the ported tools is geared towards the *nix person - or at least the documentation, if any, is. Thus, unfortunately, its fairly common to hear the mindset you exhibit - Windows people are the idiots.

However, by the same token, most reasonable people, especially by those with experience on both ends, are usually more keen about all this. So on the flip side, it is not uncommon to see when *nix people come to the windows platform quite often ask questions most pros will often view or deem as moronic. All you have to do is visit the Microsoft newsgroup and you see it all the time. Here you will see more Window morons, over there, you will see more *nix morons. So 6 in 1.

My take, Windows people are more friendlier. We are still the majority in this world, but we don't have that sense of superiority, the *nix wienies often exhibit.

I guess I expected a little more tact and professionalism here and not this obvious subversive CVS vs CVSNT atmosphere.


Hector Santos, CTO

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