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RE: problem with ssh during cvs actions

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: problem with ssh during cvs actions
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 06:53:18 +1000


> $CVSROOT in this case is:
>    <remote-host>:/usr/local/cvsroot
> so ssh is involved when talking to CVSROOT.
> Something like cvs add file 
> Will first prompt for password but then throws this error:
>    cvs add file
> Password: xxxxxxxx <enter>
> Unknown command: `server'

What version of the client are you using, eg: CVS 1.11.3, what version
of the server?  Also what is the server and client OS?

> There doesn't seem to be any switches for verbosity in man cvs or for
> debug of some kind.

cvs -ttt add file

> How can I determine what the problem is.

To connect from a unix client to a unix server with CVS 1.11.x you would
typically use:

To connect from a windows cvsnt client to a unix server with CVS 2.5.x
you would use (note: please direct questions about CVSNT to the CVSNT
mailing list):

See also:



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