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shortcut for 'previous revision'

From: Scott Lipcon
Subject: shortcut for 'previous revision'
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 11:54:43 -0400

I find myself wanting to have an easy way to know the revision numbers of the head & previous revisions on a branch often, and it seems the only way to do that is via cvs log.   For example:

1) cvs log -N -rMyBranch MyFile.c
2) Manually look at the log and find out the most recent revision is and the previous is
3) cvs diff -r -r MyFile.c

or, I'm in a branch, and want to merge the latest revision from another branch:

1) cvs log -N -rHEAD MyFile.c
2) manually look at the log and find out the most recent is 1.234 and previous is 1.233
3) cvs up -j 1.233 -j 1.234 MyFile.c

cvs log -H shows the "Branch." shortcut, for the latest revision on a branch.  
I'd really like a shortcut  for the previous revision - maybe "Branch.."?   That would simplify my examples above to:

cvs diff -rMyBranch.. -rMyBranch. MyFile.c


cvs up -j HEAD.. -j HEAD. MyFile.c

Is there such a thing?  or a script that can be used?



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