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The best approach for moving files and retaining history

From: Rez P
Subject: The best approach for moving files and retaining history
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 11:54:59 -0700


I'm wondering what approach I should takeā€¦ we have bunch of files in a project which need to be re-arranged and moved to a new folder.  If we do it through the CVS client, we have to copy the files to a newly created folder, add, and commit.  This way CVS sees the files as new with no previous history, however,  I would like to keep the history.  So I was thinking of adding and committing a new empty folder from the client side, then go to the server side and copy all the 'v' files, (,v), to the new folder, and then via the client commit the older duplicates or the original files to the attic.  But I'm thinking since RCS files keep other meta data within the file, such as labels and deltas and revision numbers, etc.  When I try to fetch an old label, would it reconstruct from the attic or from the newly created folder.  Ultimately, I would like to know if my approach is good or bad.




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