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Re: Retrieve last TAG name

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Retrieve last TAG name
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 08:24:10 -0800

Rapthor <address@hidden> writes:

> is there a way to retrieve the name of the latest CVS-Tag in the
> repository?

No. Tags are kept per file. A tag used on one file may or may not be
related to some other file in the repository.

> Let's say I tagged a directory including all files with a version
> VERSION_1_0_2_3. How do I retrieve this name via CVS command?

You will see tags listed when you do a 'cvs log' or 'cvs rlog' command.

To get the most recent, you would need to look at the date of the
revision for each tag perfile and sort by that date to find the most
recently committed delta with an associated tag name.

        -- Mark

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