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Re: about imports and cvs update

From: Michael Haggerty
Subject: Re: about imports and cvs update
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 16:45:08 +0100
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Harry Putnam wrote:
> Michael Haggerty <address@hidden> writes:
>> Harry Putnam wrote:
>> To add a new directory hierarchy within a CVS repository, simply check
>> out a working copy, copy the new directories to the right place in the
>> directory hierarchy, then use "cvs add" and "cvs commit" to put them
>> under version control.
> Well, that is true, but that method requires a lot more hand work if
> the added sub hierarchy is more than 1 directory and a few files.
> So does cvs not offer any method to add a whole chunk of directories
> and files en masse.

"cvs add" is not recursive, but it's trivial anyway with a shell command
or two; something like

    find new-subdir -name CVS -prune -o -print | xargs cvs add

should do the trick.  Anyway, you might want a little human interaction
anyway to make sure, for example, that binary files are marked as such
and unnecessary junk does not get added to the repository.

> Once an import has been done, as in this case.. is there any
> continuing harm?

Nothing serious, but the CVS history remains unnecessarily complicated.

> " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  so the (ab)use of vendor
>> branches can make it harder to migrate away from CVS when that
>> inevitable day comes."
> Sounds like you think cvs is on its last legs... I had hoped to
> continue using it for a good while yet.  Is it likely to fall out of
> development?

Although the popularity of CVS relative to that of other VCSs definitely
seems to be in decline, I certainly did not mean to imply that CVS will
stop existing anytime soon.  But this is not the right forum for a
debate about the relative merits of other VCSs relative to CVS.  There
are certainly enough comparisons on the internet for anybody who is


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