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RE: Which cvs protocol better ?pserver/extssh??

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Which cvs protocol better ?pserver/extssh??
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 21:26:45 +1100

> cvs users not m/c users.Its working fine also. But many says 
> pserver is not better choice as its not very secure. Can 
> anyone help me in understand what is the best cvs protocol used 
> now-a-days.

It depends on your security requirements.  If it is all on an internal
LAN (or encrypted VPN) then maybe you don't care about the trivial
encryption of passwords in pserver, but maybe you do.  Note: pserver
also usually stores the password on the client with trivial encoding
(though it appears as though you are using Eclipse as the client which
even stores ssh passwords on the client by default I think).

I personally prefer CVSNT (yes it runs on Linux and works with Eclipse)
since it has ACL's without the need to patch the sources and has a wider
choice of protocols (eg: sserver, a secure version of pserver).  I also
recommend using CVSNT on windows clients with Eclipse since you can use
the extnt.ini file to 'redirect' the Eclipse protocol from pserver to
sserver and also use the cvsagent which stores one time passwords in
memory not on the disk.

I'm surprised you are needing to create logins for each user - these
days most organisations with more than 3 people have some user directory
(eg: LDAP or Active Directory) which every PC uses to authenticate
users.  Your server should be able to authenticate the SSH or PSERVER
users via that same database (eg: using PAM) and you should be able to
set up ACLs on the repository modules based on standard groups (also in
LDAP or AD).

Anyway - it really boils down to what your security requirements are,
not what options are available.


Arthur Barrett

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