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RC File - manually add branch?

From: Frank Brenner
Subject: RC File - manually add branch?
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 00:10:39 +0100


I administer a CVS repository for a group of developers. Today a developer, who 
happens to have superuser rights on the server did the following:

1) Checked out a fresh workspace, made changes, created a new branch.
2) Made some more changes, tried to check in, but the check-in was blocked by 
leftover lock files from an interrupted checkout.
3) Inadvertently deleted the RC files instead of the lock files in one 

I have backups of the deleted *,v files for those deleted, and I know that the 
content was not changed, so the only thing missing is the new branch.

Would it work to just restore those files and manually add the new branch, by 
inserting the appropriate string at the top of the "symbols" list in each file? 
Or am I missing something there?


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