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Re: How do I associate a directory with repository?

From: codeguy
Subject: Re: How do I associate a directory with repository?
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 21:09:37 -0500
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Thanks for your reply and the info.  I've used CVS for a while longer
now and I think I have figured out how to do what I want.  To answer
your questions:

(1) Yes, I am using CVS essentially as backup for my GPS.  I know that
'backup' isn't the main purpose of CVS but it works well for me and
accomodates updates to GPS routes over time including the history of
changes, which I think goes with the spirit of CVS.
(2) I use CVS from my windows machine (1.12.x?) and the server (1.12.13)
is Ubuntu 11.10.

Here are several things that I figured out that are not described (or
not found by me) in the documentation.

(1) If I have a directory structure of files and want to both enter it
all into CVS and then use the same file structure as a work area, then
'cvs import' is the wrong thing to do.  The correct thing to do is to
create a 'dummy' work area somewhere with the same name as the top level
directory, import it, then go to the 'real' directory, 'cvs checkout' to
establish it as a work area, then 'cvs add' the directories and files.
I would have preferred if this was a one-step operation.

(2) I discovered after doing things the hard way for close to a year
that cvs accepts wildcards ("*.abc", abc.*, *.*) on the 'cvs add'
command... that is:

  cvs add *.pdf

will add all *.pdf files in the current directory.  I have not seen this
in any documentation anywhere.  Figuring this out was a game changer for
me as I was entering every file and directory explicitly by hand,
writing scripts etc. until I tried it out of frustration.  Entering the
names of several hundred files is not fun!  This capability should
really be added to the docs!

On 03/29/2012 11:29 AM, Mike Glasspool wrote:
> Hey Harvey,
> A couple of points for you here.
> 1) If you're worried about your GPS datastore, don't use it. I'm not sure why 
> this is even a consideration.
> 2) How are you connecting to your CVS repository? Are you developing on the 
> same machine?
> Really you can do a couple of things here.
> In theory if you're working on independent features, you can checkout your 
> source, modify it, then check in when complete. You can check out multiple 
> times if you're working concurrently. If this is your use case, go that way - 
> just be aware you may need to resolve conflicts.
> If you're working on a large set of changes, you can branch, check smaller 
> changes into the branch, then merge the branch back to HEAD when you're 
> ready. This will simulate a sandbox-type environment.
> Mike
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> Subject: How do I associate a directory with repository?
> Howdy - I am a longtime developer but new to cvs.  A particular use case I 
> keep running into is as follows:
> - I have an existing directory of source.  I add it to my cvs repository
> with:
>   cvs import -m "blah blah" xxx/yyy zzz initial
> - I then want to use the existing directory as a CVS work area ("sandbox"?), 
> but I don't have a clean way to associate it with the files I just put in the 
> repository.
> I have monkeyed with creating a CVS subdirectory and faking the 
> Entries/Repository/Root files (bad juju) and checking out the parent 
> directory over the current files.  I am not comfortable doing this and it 
> seems a bit awkward.  It doesn't make sense to me that I need to read back 
> files that were just put into the repository from that same directory.
> One place where I have files I want to save is on my GPS (which looks like a 
> USB drive).  I am reluctant to potentially mess up the GPS binaries with a 
> checkout failure.
> Another place where this happens is in Anjuta IDE where the files are created 
> by either a wizard or manually in the IDE and the CVS interface does not 
> readily handle the transition from 'import' to 'checkout' to 'commit'.
> --
> Harvey
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