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RE: file permission by using cvs watch and cvs edit mode

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: file permission by using cvs watch and cvs edit mode
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 11:03:19 +1100


The behaviour depends partially on the version of the client and the server.

CVSNT (CVS 2.x - runs on linux/unix/mac/windows) stores the 'mode' in the RCS 
file, but older version of CVS do not store the 'mode', but set the 'mode' of 
the file on the client to the same 'mode' as the RCS file on the server (at 
least the execute bit).  

Some clients use the 'mode' the server sends to the client, but I've seen some 
clients just ignore it altogether.

If you want to share a sandbox I strongly recommend using CVSNT because it 
includes features specificially to support this and it could be argued that 
sharing a sandbox is discouraged by CVS 1.x.  

Eg: in CVS 1.x you can 'skip' the 'cvs edit' and just do 'chmod 660' then 
change the file and commit it.  With CVSNT if the file is marked as requireing 
'edit' then the 'commit' fails if it has not already been 'editied'.  On 
windows there is also a 'cvs edit -A' option that sets an ACL on the file so 
that only the person who 'edited' the file has write permissions (in the 
sandbox).  We'd be happy to add this feature if the version of linux/unix you 
are using supports ACL's on files in the 'home' filesystem. 

CVSNT also includes native ACL's and many more features that you may find 


Arthur Barrett

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> Sent: 09 April 2013 17:24
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> Subject: file permission by using cvs watch and cvs edit mode
> Hello,
> I am setting a CVS architecture for my development.
> Multiple users should access (read and modification) to the 
> same wordking directory.
> So to prevent bad usage of files (anarchic modification or 
> delete) I set the restriction by using cvs watch on and then 
> cvs edit .
> The behavior is fine, except the file permission modification.
> Indeed the original file is 755 then after performing cvs 
> watch on on it, after the first commit it becomes 550
> Here are my commands
>     76  8:40    touch toto
>     78  8:46    chmod 755 toto  à toto is 755
>     80  8:47    cvs add toto
>     82  8:47    cvs commit
>     84  8:48    cvs status
>     86  8:48    n toto
>     87  8:48    cvs commit -m "add test line" toto
>     89  8:49    cvs watch on toto
>     92  8:50    cvs commit -m "test 2" toto
>     93  8:50    l là toto is 550
> My UMASK is 007.
> I done another test with titi file with permission 775, the 
> result is the same it become 550.
> As my file should be executable for the groups, this is a 
> problem for me.
> Is this behavior is expected ?
> Regards,
> Fabrice
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>      Spintronic Design Flow Architect
>                Spintec Lab
> 17 rue des Martyrs
> 38054 GRENOBLE Cedex 9

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