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RE: Switching to a branch

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Switching to a branch
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 08:46:35 +1100


All I can think of is:
ivybridge-3:test abarrett$ cvs up -A -r branch-1 | grep ^A
cvs update: Updating .
A bzzt.txt
ivybridge-3:test abarrett$ mv bzzt.txt bzzt-1.txt 
ivybridge-3:test abarrett$ cvs remove bzzt.txt 
cvs remove: removed `bzzt.txt'
ivybridge-3:test abarrett$ mv bzzt-1.txt bzzt.txt 
ivybridge-3:test abarrett$ cvs add bzzt.txt 
cvs add: scheduling file `bzzt.txt' for addition on branch `branch-1'
cvs add: use `cvs commit' to add this file permanently
ivybridge-3:test abarrett$ cvs ci -m "test"

But I agree - it's a lot of work for a small payoff.

I've added an enhancement request for CVSNT:


Arthur Barrett

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> Subject: Switching to a branch
> Quite often I will start coding a feature on our trunk (AKA 
> HEAD) and after starting to change the code realize that I 
> probably want to do this on a branch. This is fairly easy to 
> do, I simply create the branch with something like:
> cvs rtag forkName all
> cvs rtag -b branchName -r forkName all
> Then from my modified workspace I morph it into the created branch:
> cvs up -r branchName
> The problem I'm having is that any file that has been added 
> previously is not morphed over to the branch but remains 
> "added" to the trunk.
> To fix this, I've gone into the CVS/Entries file and appended 
> the branch tag to the added file entries (don't try this 
> without parental supervision kids).
> Is there a better way?
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