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[FSF] Happy GNU Year!

From: John Sullivan
Subject: [FSF] Happy GNU Year!
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 17:32:37 -0500
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Happy GNU year to all free software supporters!

If you haven't already joined the Free Software Foundation as a
card-carrying member, now is a great time. Take a look at the new
ultra-slim credit card-sized FSF membership cards -- the first batch
is shipping out today. Of course, member number zero had to be for
our founder and president Richard Stallman...


Loaded with gNewSense Live!, each card includes a member user name
and number on the front and on the back an excerpt from the Free
Software Definition. We've also included some exciting advocacy
tools, like speeches from Richard Stallman and videos about free
software. Since the card fits right in your wallet with your credit
cards, you can take the message of software freedom with you
everywhere you go.

Get yours by joining today with a year-end contribution, at:


We know that the main reason you give to the Free Software
Foundation is because we put your money right where you want it to

  * advocating for a free software world, 
  * taking action to end software patents,
  * supporting infrastructure for free software users and
  * leading the fight against Digital Restrictions Management (DRM),
  * and guarding the integrity of important free software tools like
    the GNU General Public License.

At least, that's what people tell us. Maybe it's really all about
the 20% discount on the stuffed gnus :) and the other geek gear at
<>. Either way, it helps -- a lot.

Join now and help us reach our goal of 750 new members by the end of


By the way, if your contribution is $500 or more, we'll list you in
excellent hacker company at <>. Pass
this message around to your free software friends and family and get
on the board at <>.
If you have any questions at all about FSF membership, please e-mail
us at <address@hidden>.

>From all of us at the FSF, Happy GNU year!

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