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[FSF] Open letter to Google: End the web's dependence on patent-encumber

From: Holmes Wilson
Subject: [FSF] Open letter to Google: End the web's dependence on patent-encumbered video formats and Flash
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 14:31:24 -0800
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Dear supporter,

This week, Google's attempt to purchase video codec maker On2 was
approved by On2's shareholders. If Google does the right thing, this
could be wonderful news for free formats.

The FSF has just posted an open letter to Google, calling on it to
free On2's VP8 codec with an irrevocable royalty-free license, and to
promote the newly freed video codec through YouTube.

Read why it would be so amazing for free software developers, free
software users, and all users of the web if Google does the right

We feel that this is a very important message for web developers,
video creators, and tech-savvy members of the public to hear. Please
help us spread it around, particularly here:

And if you have an account on digg:

(It's important that we let people everywhere know about the
importance of free software and free formats, so please help spread
the word -- but please don't let sharing important news about free
software lead to further use of services that promote and use proprietary


Holmes Wilson
Free Software Foundation

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