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Re: [Info-gama] Effect of Free Gama Adjustment

From: Ales Cepek
Subject: Re: [Info-gama] Effect of Free Gama Adjustment
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 19:13:46 +0200

> My goal is to determine the best procedure for using/integrating the
> autonomous GPS positioning observations of multiple points of a local
> survey network along with the relative survey measurements of the
> local network.  

Hi Jim,

to solve your problem I would probably use the classical 'free network
adjustment' where all points are defined as 'constrained' (no fixed
points are needed)
                      <point  ....  adj="XY" />

Your photographic observations are more then one degree better
then the GPS coordinates. Free network adjustment with all points
defined as 'constrained' will result in the network shape determined
only from the photographic observations (and not distorted by low
precision of the GPS coordinates) and the position/localization of the
network would be equivalent to 'Helmert transformation' of the adjusted
network to the system of given points.

Please send me some sample data  (I'd like to be sure that I understand
the problem well).


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