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[Info-gama] gama 1.7.11

From: Ales Cepek
Subject: [Info-gama] gama 1.7.11
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 15:50:28 +0200

development version 1.7.11 was uploade to

1.7.11 2004-09-02

    - simplified version of GNU_gama::List<> template

    - observation lists in gamalib/local/median rewritten to conform
      the standard C++ library

    - a lot of changes based on warnings reported by g++-3.4

    - a bug in gkfparser.cpp reported by Jan Pytel

            kwak$ diff gamalib/xml/gkfparser.cpp gkfparser.cpp.~1.16.~
            <              state == state_vectors_cov ||
            <              state == state_hdiffs_cov )
            >              state == state_vectors_cov )

    - all occurrences of keyword 'class' in template type definitions
      replaced by 'typeneme' (new gmatvec version 0.9.23)

    - in the template class ObservationData (gnu_gama/obsdata.h) the
      data member CL was renamed to 'clusters'

    - first draft of zenith and azimuth angles in gama-g3 (NOT DEBUGGED YET!)

    - gnu_gama/xml/dataparser.cpp split to three files dataparser.cpp,
      dataparser_adj.cpp and dataparser_g3.cpp (corresponding to the
      three functional modules)

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