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[Info-gama] with regard to azimuth tag

From: Dirk Falk
Subject: [Info-gama] with regard to azimuth tag
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 14:23:21 +0200 (CEST)

Dear GNU Gama professionals,

I would like to use new azimuth feature, trying to combine masurements made 
with theodolith and laser distance meter or with compass, miner's level and 
laser distance meter.

I compiled GNU Gama 1.14 with mingw on windows xp.

Now it seems to me that GNU Gama simply ignores the azimut values. 

For all points defined by azimuth values instead of directions GNU Gama's seems 
to ignore the input.

Trying the appended Azimut_Test1.gkf - Intended as an equilateral triangle with 
two fixed points "1" an "2" and one new point ("3"-"9") measured in differend 
ways - I will get "Missing coordinates" in the output. 

May be I have a wrong understanding of the concept behind the azimuth 

In the manual I find "<azimuth from="1" to= "2" val= "96.484371" />" as an 
example. The "from =" part is not accepted by the software. 

I find the File "gama-local.dtd" in \gama-1-14\xml\ defines no "from ="

<!ATTLIST azimuth
   to       CDATA    #REQUIRED
   val      NMTOKEN  #REQUIRED
   stdev    NMTOKEN  #IMPLIED
   from_dh  NMTOKEN  #IMPLIED
   to_dh    NMTOKEN  #IMPLIED  > 

so the azimuth statement is to be nested in an "obs from =" statement?

In the manual page 12 in the PDF version I read

" The value of an orientation angle can be explicitly stated with an attribute 
orientation="...". Normally, it is more convenient to let the program calculate 
approximate values of orientations needed for the adjustment. If directions are 
present, then the attribute station must be defined. "

Am I right in thinking that "orientation" is not the same as azimuth? 
Orientation may be used finding approximate coordinates and directions as 
starting point and azimuths are used only in the adjustment?
Is the mentioned "attribute station" to alter in the "from =" part of "obs" 
like in the examples?

Thank you in advance for any further information.


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Attachment: Azimut_Test1.gkf
Description: Binary data

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