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Re: [Info-gama] With regard to azimuth tag

From: Aleš Čepek
Subject: Re: [Info-gama] With regard to azimuth tag
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 15:54:29 +0100

On 16 October 2013 09:49, Dirk Falk <address@hidden> wrote:

Hello Dirk,

first of all I must apologize for my delayed answer.
I would like to use new azimuth feature, trying to combine masurements made with theodolith and laser distance meter or with compass, miner's level and laser distance meter.

I would be very interested in your measurements, namely because you have access to the real data. 
Now it seems to me that GNU Gama simply ignores the azimut values.

I cannot simply say from your example, it would help if you can supply also all approximate coordinates (for testing ... by the way, gama currently does not use azimuths for computing unknown approximate coordinates). 
For all points defined by azimuth values instead of directions GNU Gama's seems to ignore the input.

Trying the appended Azimut_Test1.gkf - Intended as an equilateral triangle with two fixed points "1" an "2" and one new point ("3"-"9") measured in differend ways - I will get "Missing coordinates" in the output.
May be I have a wrong understanding of the concept behind the azimuth implementation?

Azimuths are supposed to be angles measured from North.
Can you please have a look at the enclosed example and let me know? I promise to answer promplty next time.


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