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GLOBAL-4.5 released.

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: GLOBAL-4.5 released.
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 01:40:56 +0900

Hello hackers,

It is my great pleasure to announce the release of GLOBAL 4.5.
You can download it from

New features:

* gtags: pick up macros without argument, typedef name and enum member.
* htags: make links not only for functions but also for other symbols.
  Please try -s(--symbols) option.
* htags: -m(--main-func) option added.
* htags: --style-sheet=<style file> option added.
* htags: --no-javascript option and no_javascript config variable added.
* htags: -g(--gtags) option added.
* gctags: --langmap option added.
* gctags: -t and -d option added. (This is the default of GLOBAL system.)
* gozilla: -d option added.
* gctags: assumes __attribute__, const, volatile, wchar_t as a reserved word
  in C language. assumes __attribute__, explicit, mutable, namespace,
  overload, typename, using as a reserved word in C++ language.

Shigio Yamaguchi - Tama Communications Corporation

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