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GLOBAL-6.5.6 released.

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: GLOBAL-6.5.6 released.
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2016 10:28:33 +0900

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Hello hackers,

It is my great pleasure to announce the release of GLOBAL-6.5.6.

GLOBAL is a source code tagging system that works the same way across
diverse environments, for example, emacs, vi, less, bash, web browser
and etc. It is useful for hacking a large project.

New facilities:
o htags-server: New --retry[=n] option.
  If the port is already in use, retry n times with incrementing the port number.
  The default of n is 20.
o htags: Changed the format of function header (--show-position) to make copying
  text easier.
o geco.rc: Added 'fzf' as a selector candidate.
o gtags: New configuration variable 'gtags_hook'.
  gtags_hook=<command line>
        Specify a command line which should be executed at the beginning of gtags(1).
        Leading "./" in any path is always means the project root directory, since
        gtags(1) is always invoked there.
  GTAGS_COMMANDLINE environment variable (read only)
        You can get the effective command line of gtags(1) from the hook. It includes
        both $GTAGS_OPTIONS and real arguments.

   You can update 'gtags.files' before gtags(1) read it.

        |:gtags_hook=find src lib -print >gtags.files:

   You can refer the effective arguments of gtags(1) from the hook using
   environment variable GTAGS_COMMANDLINE.


        |echo ">>> $GTAGS_COMMANDLINE"          # show effective command line

        $ gtags -O
        >>> gtags -c -O
        $ _

o htags: Now --cvsweb option always insert 'view=log' to the generated URLs.
  Because it seems to be almost always a desirable specification.

o gtags: Gtags often aborts with a message "buffer overflow. strlimcpy" when
  it encounters a long token (> 152 bytes). Now gtags always ignores it with
  a message "symbol name is too long. (Ignored)".
o htags: Old packages included two CGI scripts (completion.cgi, global.cgi)
  generated in the release manager's machine by mistake. They have some literal
  path like '/opt/local/bin/perl' which works only with MacPorts.
  Now, they are generated in the target (your) machine.

You can download it from
More detailed information is here:


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Shigio YAMAGUCHI <address@hidden>
PGP fingerprint: D1CB 0B89 B346 4AB6 5663  C4B6 3CA5 BBB3 57BE DDA3

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