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Re: [Info-gne]mailing lists and stuff

From: Magnus Manske
Subject: Re: [Info-gne]mailing lists and stuff
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 15:24:46 +0100

Hi folks!

As Oleg said, you did a great job with that catalog outline! That is what's
needed, practical solutions instead of all that brabbling.

I read the articles in your catalog, and though they're great by content,
they are inconsistent by layout. So I made up this template page at

as a suggestion for a layout of "one-page" articles. Of course, noone has to
use it "as it is", but I think it containts some important points that
should not be missing in any article.

Not only would the reader benefit of a more consistent layout, it could also
be a step towards automatic maintance of the encyclopedia, which will be
neccessary by the time it gets really big, in a few millennia, maybe ;)

Enough of that, now go back to writing articles!

Best regards,


Magnus Manske (address@hidden)
Telefon   : 0221-96254221
Telefax   : 0180-505253852807
Voicemail : 0180-505253852807

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