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[Info-gne]Topical Nonsense

From: Relay Team Silver
Subject: [Info-gne]Topical Nonsense
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 10:39:43 -0500

K, well, I /don't care/ what you all decide to call the Encyclopedia, or how many people feel the need to loudly unsubscribe in my mailbox--I have a delete key. I've been a big fan of open source and GNU for a while now, and I'm a writer and I think it'd be fun to help write an encyclopedia. SO.

Just to let you all know, I've written two articles so far; one on Stoicism, and one on Discordian Time Designations. I'm looking for a third topic right now that I can sound semi-authoritative about, so if you have any ideas for obscure philosophical, occult, theological or literature-related topics that you yourself don't want to touch with a ten-foot-pole, go ahead and throw 'em at me!

And I can't speak any other languages, unfortunately. But I am skilled in about six different types of English....*lol*

Also, since I haven't heard otherwise on the mailing list, I'm still writing in HTML format (adding "tags" for author, username, synopsis and text as I was instructed by good ol' Tom) and sending my articles to the link on the GNU webpage. Hope that's still correct!

Thanks all,

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