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[Info-gne]Naming Conventions

From: Kyle Cranmer
Subject: [Info-gne]Naming Conventions
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 22:04:33 +1300 (NZDT)


I'm looking forward to moving to bigger and better discussions.  I have a
group of friends that are mathematicians, physicists (I'm getting my Ph.D.
in particle physics), and computer scientists.  We are using Zope and a
bunch of open source tools and we are about to get busy with the GNUPedia
/ GNE effort.  I have a remaining question.

* What is the proper way to refer to this effort?  From my understanding,
Nupedia is just one (perhaps the most prominant) of a whole host of
instances of GNUPedia (or is it GNE).  Wikipedia is yet another.  The
project that I'm involved with would be yet another.  Is that correct, or
shoud the project be referred to as Nupedia?  I'm sorry I'm still sketchy
on this - I don't know how much of this discussion is on bug-gne.


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