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[Info-gne]Nupedia, Gnupedia, GNE, etc etc

From: Tom Chance
Subject: [Info-gne]Nupedia, Gnupedia, GNE, etc etc
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 10:11:25 -0800 (PST)

Yeah, if everyone sends any articles they have already
done to Nupedia, and keeps the original themself so
that if what was gnupedia becomes GNE, another part of
the GNU learning resource, and if it has its own
moderation system, you can submit the original to GNE
too. Other than that I guess all we can do is to wait
a see. Work is still going on behind the scenes on
developing a simple first system to host the GNE side
of the project, just in case anyone thinks we've
completely given up on our ideas!

Tom Chance

--- Hector Facundo Arena <address@hidden>
wrote: > >
> > * What is the proper way to refer to this effort? 
> From my understanding,
> > Nupedia is just one (perhaps the most prominant)
> of a whole host of
> > instances of GNUPedia (or is it GNE).  Wikipedia
> is yet another.  The
> > project that I'm involved with would be yet
> another.  Is that correct, or
> > shoud the project be referred to as Nupedia?  I'm
> sorry I'm still sketchy
> > on this - I don't know how much of this discussion
> is on bug-gne.
> >
> >
> > Kle
> As I said, we're making big decisions on the future
> of GNE, so in the
> meantime you can help the Nupedia project wich is
> (or will be) the
> official GNU encyclopedia.
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