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Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens

From: Jimmy Wales
Subject: Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 13:18:32 -0600
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There are some very strong misconceptions here that must be corrected

Heiko Andresen wrote:
> I absoluteley agree with Oleg, I don't see the international will in
> Nupedia.

Nupedia is a fully international project.  We have already a working
group for translations from and into German, and we welcome assistance
from anyone who seeks to spearhead an effort for a working group in any
other language.

Not long ago, we were fortunate enough to have the services of someone who
worked full-time for 2 weeks (wow!) in recruiting, in Russian language,
Russian-speaking professors.

Our ultimate goal is to allow authors to work in their own native language,
and to have articles translated to all other languages.  This is obviously
an idealistic goal for the future -- _today_ we have to work with the resources
that we have available.

It is very easy to toss out uninformed criticisms -- what is needed, though,
is not critics, but people willing to work.  So, if you want there to be
more support for your own language, then contact us immediately, and we will
be happy to have you spearhead the effort.


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